Hospital and Nurses' Residence in 1962

Downtown Queen Charlotte c. 1915

Hospital Day

We come together to play games, enjoy one another's company and celebrate our unique Island lifestyle!

Hospital Day

You are Invited to Our 108th Annual Hospital Day!

Hospital Day 2016 will be held in the Village of Queen Charlotte on Saturday, June 18, starting in front of the hospital with the parade at 10:00 am. This year marks the 108th anniversary of our hospital – of our having healthcare givers and maintaining those services faithfully for over a century! 

Hospital Day 2016 will also mark the 61st anniversary of the current hospital building, making it one of the oldest hospital buildings still in use in British Columbia. Many caring people have worked in this building since it opened in 1955, and many more served in the original Queen Charlotte hospital building from 1908 onward. In April 2012 the provincial government announced funding for a replacement hospital, and we are both grateful and relieved! It is currently under construction and expected to open later this year. Thank you BC Provincial Government!

But a healthcare system is more than just a "pile of bricks and mortar." Its about the people – the volunteers and professional caregivers who have given so much and put down such deep roots in our community.

We hope that you can come and help us honor all of the caregivers who have served us so well over these many years. Please come and share our beautiful place in this world!